25 November 2017

How many Hours have you lost?!?!

Tick Tock goes the clock...

Hours go by and we literally have NO IDEA what we just did!!  I fall into this trap often.  My sight goes wonky, and my brain feels fuzzy...

Has this happened you??

I've spent the past 14 hours on the computer working... or have I?

To be honest, about 4 hours were probably spent working and the rest... lost between the computer, the phone, and TV.  It's just makes you feel awful.

So what do we do about it!?  How can we slay-at-home mama ensure that we don't fall into this trap too often?

1. Planners - Not my forte but it's something to try!  I can tell you, when I have used a planner, I have been more productive in my day.  The only down side was having to outline each day...  which brings me to...

2. To-Do lists - But more than this, it's like a schedule.  I have been in several online businesses and each calls for a certain lingo, a certain type of schedule, and a certain consistent feel... so with each business I'd find a to-do list/schedule that worked best for me.  And a lot of the time, crafty team members are right there handing the beautifully designed documents out for free!  Because #sisterhood #bossbabes!  We help each other, it's why Direct Sales is so f'n badass!!


3. Regular To-do lists - If you can just jot some ish down on paper and go to town killin' it at your business, allow me to praise you now!  I'm the girl who's loosing the to-do list 3 minutes after she writes it because it was on the post it that I didn't see get stuck to my daughters book bag... I don't know how it happened either!  But power to you girlfriend if this is your focus route!

4. Apps!  Yes, there are even apps that can get you organized and not he straight 'n' arrow (straight and narrow... how does that saying go anyway?).   There's Notes, Reminder, Wunderlist, Calendar (of any kind), and so much more!

But what goo are any of these if you don't know what to write down?!

Right now, I can honestly say, my brain is full!  I need to do a brain dump... 


I need to get all the crap I am thinking about on to paper and out of my head!  START HERE!  Then once all the clutter is out of your head and on the paper, start to break it down.  What is your priority?  Business wise... not party wise!  List everything from "most important" to "this can wait."

Next, take the top 3 priorities and break those down too.  How many micro steps can you create to make the big bad scary task seem small and doable?!

Then, EXECUTE!  Get to work!  Priority 1-3, and if you have time, start knocking off 4-30...

Have a Priority for every day, and work your way down the list... but don't ever expect to have it all done!  Nope, the list will be added to each day, just as more things will be crossed off the list!  It's an ongoing master list of all you need to accomplish to have a successful business!

So get to it!  Action is the way to your Dreams.

15 November 2017

A New Day! A New Adventure!

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30 August 2017

Once Upon A Time...

From fitness coach to not giving a F*&%-ish

As I read a FB post by a friend (check out her page Fit Mom Strong Mom)... I read how she, once upon a time, trained and ate so strictly, it drove her to binge eating.  Now that is a scary thought.  It reminded me a little bit of myself.

No, I've never trained for a Fitness Competition like she.
No, I didn't hold myself to an un-achievable diet.
Yes, I did notice a little binge eating.

I noticed that the more I tried to "eat clean" or "change my lifestyle," the more I wanted the junk.  AND I ATE IT!

Does this happened to you?

If you've read my blog or followed me on Facebook then you may know that I "fall off the wagon" often.  My once upon a time story holds me to a military standard.  I ran 5 miles almost every other day and everyday included some form of physical training (workout).  There were ruck marches, brigade/company "runs" (aka, shuffles).  Most work travel was walking since I worked in an automation help center and needed to travel to the computers needing my help.  I'll admit, I didn't do much on my own time, but I did enough on the job to keep me fit and healthy...


Ever hear that saying, "I wish I was as fat now as I was when I first thought I was fat."  Or something like that.

Basically, we get it in our heads at some point that we are "fat."  Who determines that?  Our peers and the media usually.

Ask yourself a few questions:
Are you happy?
Are you healthy (by a doctor's standard)?
Do you like the shape of your body?

I really think it's that simple...

I fell of the wagon HARD in November/December.  I weighed in at 147 and thought, "eh, I'm good."   I just didn't want to keep up this new lifestyle I made for myself and I wanted to enjoy Christmas with my daughter the way I enjoyed it as a child.   So I did!

Again, I fell off the wagon this summer.  I weighed in at 153.  My daughter got to travel to her first National Dance Competition, she was home all summer since she was a year old, and she had friends we could do things with.  I wanted to take it all in.  Have a "normal" summer.  So I did!

*No I don't have my current weight, LOL!*

I'm not saying that having 3 burgers a week (like I did last week) is that way to live your life.  But I noticed in my life that the more I denied myself the foods I really wanted, the more I craved them.  Hence 3 burgers (BBQ Bacon Burgers) in 1 week!

If I answered the questions I posted above....
I am SOOOOOO Happy!
I am not 100% healthy.  I have some iron issues that I trying to combat, recently.
I do not like the shape of my body.

My solution...  quit focusing on these strict "deny deny deny" diets... "diets" don't work... and find a way to include my favorite foods (yes Burgers!) into a healthier regime of eating.  Learn how to season food that may be a little on the blander side.  And eat things I already like - I don't like squash, but I have grown to enjoy peppers.

We are stronger than junk food!  We can teach ourselves how to eat well & enjoy the food we love.

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